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Mind that Gap Studio creates online content for service-based businesses, helping professionals enhance their influence as a thought leader in their industry 

Any content needs to deliver a MESSAGE. How often have you read a website or other online content for a business and have thought, “I have no idea what they are trying to say; I just don’t get it!.” The problem is this: the content does not convey a message, which causes the gap. 

MIND THAT GAP: in other words, be aware that content without a message is meaningless. Instead, the content needs to be the delivery mechanism for the message. 

Online content for service professionals 

Not everyone is a lover of writing, and I fully get that! If you are a service professional who is not an avid fan of writing, I am here to help you. Or you may, in fact, really enjoy writing – but for you, it’s about finding the time you need to consistently blog, create social media posts, update your website content etc. Or you may sit down to do some writing and find yourself suffering blank page syndrome – good old writer’s block!  You are not alone: I can help you get unstuck!


Website Content Package

Are you struggling to write your website’s content or don’t have the time to write the content? Are you a website developer frustrated by clients who are not getting to you on time the required content to complete their website build?

The standard package for website content includes research and writing of 3000 words and a 1-hour Zoom consultation before the content writing commences. The website content is written in user-friendly language and considers SEO requirements. The fee for 3000 words + consultation is $595. Every increment of 500 words above 3000 words is $80.

Online Content Package

Do you find it stressful and/or time-consuming to keep up with all the different aspects of your online content? Mind that Gap Studio provides customised one-off or a monthly Online Content Package to assist you. 

Online content could include social media posts, ebooks, blog posts, landing pages, email series, how-to guides, lead magnets, etc. Simply ask!

Example of a monthly Online Content Package:

  • Blog post including a call to action (400 to 500 words per post)
  • LinkedIn article including a call to action (500 to 600 per article)
  • 5 Weekly Facebook posts: 2 sentences per post, image, monthly strategy
  • 5 Weekly Tweets: 140 characters and image, focus on statistics, trends, topical industry news
  • Monthly eNewsletter (600 to 800 words), including a call to action and a promotion
Online Course Content Package

Are you a service professional who wants to create an online course for your clients? Do you have a lot of ideas floating around in your head and on bits of paper as to what you want to include in this online course, but you are unsure how to structure it?  Are you struggling to find the time to research and write the content in a structured and sequential manner?

Mind that Gap Studio provides Online Course Content Packages. The package size can be customised to fit your requirements.

Example, for a 10000 word, 12-hour Online Course  

  • 12-hour course, 12 x one-hour lessons.
  • Four modules, with each module containing three lessons. 
  • Each lesson 600 to 800 words, consisting of content and questions/action steps.
  • 2500 words per module (800 words x 3 lessons). 
  • 10000 words: 4 modules x 2500 words.

The Online Course Content Package includes:

  • 2 x 1-hour consultation sessions to build the structure and outline of the course.
  • Research and writing for the Online Course. 
  • The Online Course content is completed as a Google document. 
  • The package does not include the graphic design elements for the course. Our supplier of choice is Market Me Marketing

Online Course Content Package

3 hour course $575 | 6 hour course $975 | 12 hour course $1675

Online Content Analysis Report

Content Marketing is a type of marketing strategy which involves creating and distributing relevant and valuable content. Content that will attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience. Content marketing delivers educational or helpful information – also known as Education-Based Marketing. Context Marketing is about timing communication so that it is the most relevant. 

Content Marketing + Context Marketing is the engine of your business. If the engine is strong and running well, it should consistently drive quality customers and clients to your business. MInd that Gap Studio focuses on looking at the online content of your business. 

Is your online content running rough? Do you have a warning light on your online content ‘dashboard’? What ‘faults’ are you currently experiencing with your online content? How does your online content ‘engine’ stand out from the crowd and your competitors? 

Level 1: Online Content Diagnostic Scan and Basic Report

  • 45-minute Online Content Diagnostic session on Zoom 
  • Written review (in bullet points) of your current online content
  • Recommendations on your online content for four pieces of current content – for example, newsletter, blog posts, social media posts and website content 
  • Fee: $397

Level 2: Online Content Analysis and Full Report

  • 90-minute Online Content Diagnostic session via Zoom 
  • Detailed written review of your online content
  • An analysis of your tracked results from your online content 
  • Recommendations and resources to improve your online content 
  • Fee: $597
Creating analogies to explain your service/s

Steve Job’s Mastery of analogies sent Apple Skyrocketing. This simple language trick is a big key to business innovation. A desktop, after all, wasn’t always on your computer! You can be an expert in your service field, and the words and terminology you use are familiar to you, but this is not always the case with your target market. Analogies help take the mystery out of what you are trying to explain to potential clients.  Similes and metaphors are types of analogies. 

Case Study: Tom is a Process Optimisation Consultant who specialises in 5S and Six Sigma. Tom works with small and medium-sized businesses.  Process Optimisation is not a term many businesses are familiar with, and the benefits of how it could help their business are a mystery to them. Tom worked for the McLaren Formula 1 Team as a Process Improvement Consultant for 25 years before moving into his consultancy practice. 

Analogy: Do you feel like you are ‘spinning your wheels in your business because you do not have clear processes for each part of your business? I don’t want businesses to go off track through a lack of efficiency and effectiveness. What I can do for your business is look at your processes and break them down into sequential steps to see where improvement can be made. Highway Process Optimisation Consultancy is your ‘Business Tune-Up’ partner.

Analogies are also a powerful way to create your point of difference, especially when you are in a competitive field. The analogy is what will make your business memorable and top of mind when people need your particular service.

Case Study: Susan is a Social Media Consultant who specialises in Facebook training and, in particular, helping boomer business owners who do not consider themselves very tech-savvy. Susan has a wonderful and varied background, including being a Ballroom Dancer and Adjudicator for many years.

Analogy: You only need to watch an episode of Dancing with the Stars to realise that learning a dance is difficult for those who have not danced before. We eagerly watch as we see the professional dance partners go through step by step, repeatedly, until the contestant has mastered it; yet there still can be challenges!  If you have never used social media as a marketing tool for your business, you can end up with the same feeling of overwhelm and despair as the contestants on Dancing with the Stars! Here at Wise Steps Consulting, we gently tutor and coach you using The Wise Steps Consulting Way in easy, simple steps – step by step slowly so that you can master the ‘dance’ of Social Media.

The fee for creating an analogy is $150AU.  

Mind that Gap Studio | Online content creation services for professionals

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The Mind that Gap Kit is a downloadable digital product that is an excellent resource for service professionals to help them create their content strategy. 

18 pages of content templates and ideas.  


The Mind that Gap Kit: Content Creation for Service Professionals


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